Shipping Policy

At Shop Jom we do everything in our reach to make your order arrive as soon as possible.

The following information is referred to when you choose one of our imported products that we ship from different parts of the world. If you buy products with warehouses in your same country, the shipping times will be different and you will see them on the payment screen.

Every purchase has a process:

  1. When you make your purchase, you will receive an email confirming it.
  2. From the next day, Shop JOM in 24 hours to 72 hours will process your order. This preparation process is not included in the delivery period.
  3. During the following days you will be receiving your tracking code that you can verify in the Shipping Tracking. Your order is already on the way.

  • COVID-19 The customs of each country is taking different packages disinfection procedures so the delivery time could vary due to this delay, in this case Shop Jom does not have any type of interference, being exempt from responsibilities.

  • Shop Jom operates Monday through Friday, year-round. In the delivery period they are only counted in working days.

  • In case there is a delay with the delivery of the product, including for reasons external to Shop Jom and it exceeds 20 (twenty) days, we will refund your money if you no longer want the product.

  • Customs has the power to request payment of taxes or personal withdrawal. Shop Jom does not have any type of interference, being exempt from responsibilities.

  • In the case of delays due to causes other than Shop Jom, such as problems with local Customs, unforeseen weather or health, stoppages of state or airport entities, or any other cause beyond the control of Shop Jom, this is exempt from liability. .

  • It is the responsibility of the client to fulfill with all customs regulations of his country, before making a purchase.

  • Shop Jom does not interfere with or carry out customs procedures. If for personal reasons the client does not fulfill with the Customs provisions and his order is held for these reasons, Shop Jom is exempt from liability.