Return Policy

  • In Shop JOM we offer you the possibility of returning the purchased products either because the product has damage due to shipping or is different from the one purchased.

  • Remember that when you receive a shipment you must verify that the product works correctly. In the event that you notice a defect, you must notify the person who is delivering the package to you and decide whether to receive it or not. Shop Jom is not responsible for the condition of the packaging, the customer must consider that this is an international shipment and the product goes through several shipping operators.

  • In the event that the package is healthy but the product is also defective you can return it to us, at Shop JOM we guarantee your satisfaction. For this you have five (5) business days from receipt of the order to notify us of your desire to return a product.

  • Keep in mind that in order to carry out the corresponding procedure, the product must not be manipulated and / or used, in case the improper use of the product is evidenced. Shop Jom has the power to reject the claim.

  • In all cases, you must be able to check the errors or damages by means of photographs and / or videos that demonstrate the irregularity with your purchase.

  • Contact Customer Service if you had any kind of problem with your received order.