About us

Our history:

We are Nicolás D'Alessandro (37) and Ulises Drunday (40), friends for more than 15 years. We studied Business Administration together and from there a friendship arose. With the passage of time we went our separate ways, for example Nicolás linked to the family business and then with his own entrepreneurship, distributor of products to shops, Ulises after having a retail business, he was more than 11 years linked to the real estate business working in a multinational company.

Whenever we saw each other, we talked about business, what can and cannot be done, what to improve in each of our areas. We share important concepts such as the idea that things have to be done well, or not done. In all these years we always recommend books, we can say that we were formed in the same way, without meaning to.

We are both people who have always been connected to technology, we like it and all the time we were aware of news. In this last decade we bought many things online, in different portals and we realized that we wanted to buy imported products and there was no page that would facilitate that purchase and be the guarantee of that transaction.

It was how we decided to create Shop JOM, we settled our company in the United States, an online store where you can search and buy products in a simple and calm way.

This that started as an idea today is a reality and we are very happy to be able to help many people to buy products safely.